Since the beginning of 70’s the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) has been collecting the signal from distant powerful very low frequency (VLF) data in Sweden. In the past decade we has also gained experience on the LF signal from transmitters by measurements across Europe. The signals provides a unique possibility to utilize a very fast and cheap tool to map variation of electric resistivity over reasonably large areas. A controlled transmitter at frequencies down to 1 kHz has been utilized at a few locations to increase the investigation depth with a factor of ca. 3. In this presentation a new concept and data acquisition system mounted onboard a UAV for the EM measurements in the frequency range 1-350 kHz are demonstrated.

About the speaker

Mehrdad Bastani, has a PhD in geophysics with a focus on EM methods. He work at the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) as a senior geophysicist and he is also an adjunct professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University.