• Giorgia Stasi
  • Geological Survey of Belgium ( Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)
  • Belgium

If you can’t grow it, you have to mine it > The rise of request for raw materials in all the industry sectors and the willingness to move towards a more sustainable mining industry are two of nowadays’ main topic of interest. Those needs to be supported with new objectives and strategies to facilitate EU access to mineral raw materials. For this purpose the ROBOMINERS project aims to create an innovative bio-inspired robot capable of mining underground mineral deposits. The main goals of the project are (1) to construct a modular robot prototype to mine difficult to access deposit, (2) to design a new mining system via simulation and modeling, (3) to validate and showcase all key function of the miner at a TRL-4/5 level, (4) use the prototype to study and advance future research

About the speaker

Giorgia is a geologist working at the Geological Survey of Belgium ( Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), with a focus on critical raw materials and technology development. She is currently working in the H2020 project ROBOMINERS alongside the development of a PhD thesis in Applied Geophysics at the University of Liège. Her research focuses on the development of geophysical techniques for deep mining and robotic autonomous exploration.